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Beat the Experts: Who Will Leave DWTS Tonight?

DWTS, Brooke Burke, Derek Hough ABC/KELSEY McNEAL

Game on, be-yotches!

Welcome to our brand-new, weekly Dancing With the Stars smackdown, in which you get the chance to make the nation's most respected entertainment-odds expert, and the nation's most die-hard TV fan, look like blathering idiots—if you play your cards right.

Each week we'll bring you exclusive odds from nationally syndicated oddsmaker Benjamin Eckstein of America's Line, who'll tell us which Dancing contestant will be kicked off next and also predict the frontrunner to win. (P.S. His track record for picking reality winners and losers is insanely good.)

Then I'll give you my pick, for what it's worth (don't answer), and then you get the chance to tell us what fools we are by making your own prediction.

So who is definitely getting kicked off tonight? You can only find the exclusive odds right here...

Cloris Leachman, Dancing with the Stars AB/Kelsey McNeal


Vegas Odds on Who Will Go:

Cloris Leachman: 2-1
Rocco DiSpirito 4-1
Kim Kardashian: 5-1
Maurice Greene: 6-1
Lance Bass: 6-1
Susan Lucci: 8-1
Misty May-Treanor: 10-1
Cody Linley: 10-1
Warren Sapp: 15-1
Toni Braxton 25-1
Brooke Burke: 100-1 (The frontrunner to win)

Benjamin Eckstein Says: "Would love to see Grandma Cloris hang for another week, but at 82 years old, she really doesn't have a demographic group that would support her. They're all dead."

Rocco DiSpirito, Karina Smirnoff, Dancing with the Stars ABC/Nelsey McNeal

My Prediction: Sure, Cloris had the lowest score of the night (15), but she's hilarious and endearing and hands down the favorite among the cast and crew I've talked to. We need her to stick around for sheer comedic/entertainment value, so I'm voting for Rocco DiSpirito to get the boot. Last week, he was slowly getting better, but tonight the fire just wasn't there. Where is the flavah, my man?

BTW, can we really only get rid of one couple tonight? So many of last night's dancers were rigid, lifeless and just plain awkward, we could use a little housecleaning pronto. Even Lance Bass was a bit stiff, and he's a freaking boy bander! (Someone needs to slip muscle relaxers in the water over on that set. Or hey, how about a group massage in a sauna?)

So that's what he said. And she said. What do you say? Vote in the poll and duke it out in the comments below!



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