Fundraising Reception

Brandon Clark/; ABImages for Obama for America

Didn't attend the big George Clooney fundraiser for President Barack Obama's reelection campaign?

Hollywood A-listers were on the guest list—Jack Black; Billy Crystal; Robert Downey Jr.; Salma Hayek; Tobey Maguire; Barbra Streisand; Trina Turk; and Diane Von Furstenberg—among the 150 folks who came up with the $40,000 price of admission, which raised $15 million for the campaign.

But a few people got in on a special deal.

Grassroots supporters Beth Topinka and Karen Blutcher and their husbands were chosen to attend after donating online, and the foursome obviously got some facetime with the president, Clooney and the lovely Stacy Kiebler.

Not bad, though it's not clear if they also got to stick around to play some hoops.

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