Lady Gaga, The Simpsons


Lady Gaga's fashion choices are already eclectic, so making her into an animated character wasn't that big of a stretch.

In the upcoming finale of The Simpsons, the cartoon version of the pop star guest stars, wearing a tiara, layered white tress and blue lipstick. She also recycles her 2010 MTV Video Music Awards meat dress, which Homer Simpson tries to eat.

But the 26-year-old musician really took a fashion risk during a boob-baring pic (after the jump!) with Terry Richardson...

terry richardson, lady gaga


In the shot, Gaga exposes the majority of her left breast; her nipple is covered by an "X" made of black tape.

She bares her teeth to the camera, while wearing Richardson's iconic glasses. The celebrity photographer holds Gaga in a half-hug, putting his paw up with his remaining hand.

Do your thing, girl.

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