Drew Barrymore

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Pimp hats come in all hues, even pink. We know this because our own street daddy beat it into us back when we were new girls working outside the 99 Cents Store in Bensonhurst. 

 We also know this because of Drew Barrymore, who showed up for a hair appointment in Manhattan the other day looking like...this.

 You may recognize the raspberry sherbet color as Honeysuckle, the shade that Pantone announced would be "the" color of the year. Which year? 2011.

Drew, honey, your outfit isn't only misshapen. It's also, literally, so last season.

Also, this is the new millennium. Being (reportedly) preggers with your first child doesn't mean having to turtle under layers of your fiance's sweatshirts and irregular hospital-volunteer uniforms. Take a cue from your A-list peers such as Angelina Jolie, who catwalked right through two pregnancies and never wasted a second looking anything but fabulous.

 Yes, we know you produced that Charlie's Angels TV pilot. But that doesn't mean your outfits have to be failures, too.

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