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If you feel like Kristen Stewart's everywhere these days, then your assumption is totally accurate—gal has been über-busy promoting the highly anticipated Snow White and the Huntsman with her costar and the evil queen be-yotch, Charlize Theron.

Between the fashion, the candid quotes and the lovable nature of Kris and Char, the fabulous promotional moments are almost as epic as the movie itself (only 22 more days!).

So check out the latest news as we eagerly await the big-screen bravado—wickedly cool doesn't even begin to describe this Snow White smackdown.

Yesterday, Kristen and Charlize stopped by the French television program Le Grand Journal to talk all things Snow White and the Huntsman. Kristen and Charlize looked effortlessly cool side by side, and it's just so friggin' cute how well these two costars get along (nothing like those drama-filled Twilight days!).

Both gals were looking totally stylish and coordinated—Kris rocked a black blazer and studded flats (due to that pesky Breaking Dawn injury) while Charlize donned a white jacket and a sequin skirt. We're loving this casually chic fashion show from our favorite Twilight babe—whether on the Today Show, hanging at the Met Gala or getting her French gal on. Kristen's best-dressed Glamour win is definitely well deserved.

In other K.Stew news, MTV just announced that Kristen will present at the MTV Movie Awards with her SWATH costar Chris Hemsworth. And hey, if Kristen's not presenting with her BF Robert Pattinson, then we say Chris is a damn good backup. We love every shot of the Huntsman's bulging biceps, and since Kris has done so much promo with Charlize, it will be great to see Snow White and the hunky Huntsman share the MTV stage together—they already have our vote for sexiest presenters at the show.

And then there's Kristen's latest interview with MTV News, where she reveals she suffered from plenty of on-set injuries due to all the epic action on the SWATH set. The best part? Kristen admits she considered herself to be totally "badass" until she filmed all the fighting scenes. For what it's worth, we think Kristen's as badass as they come and those on-set injuries only mean the big-screen result's going to be that much better. But seriously, give the gal a break once this biz wraps—flats won't do on that Cannes red carpet.

So if you're as excited as we are about this totally evil fairytale, then check out the latest SWATH clip!

And with that, we say Happy Kristen Stewart Day!

Oh, wait…that's every day.

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