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Juice cleansing is the latest way celebs are shedding the LB's and getting healthy.  Vanessa Hudgens, Nicole Richie, Gwen Stefani, and my E! sister Giuliana Rancic are all fans!

I saw Giuliana carrying around this puke green juice and thought, "that can not be appetizing."  But my curiosity got the better of me and so I asked her about it.  She raved about a local juicery, Pressed Juicery, and so I gave in and decided to give it a shot.  It was three days of just juice; six juices to be exact.  The puke green juice I just mentioned has kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, cucumber, celery, apple and lemon and I have to admit, it's quite tasty.  The other juices range from pineapple and mint to carrot and ginger.

The immediate effect is dropping the weight but honestly, that was the least of the benefits!  I had more energy, cleared up my skin, took away the bloat, and I wasn't craving the unhealthy stuff I was before. 

I'm not going to lie.  I was cranky with out my coffee (and my wine!) and it was a sacrifice for the three days both mentally and physically but the benefits lasted for weeks after.

That was in January and since then I've gone back to a lot of the yumminess that isn't the most healthy.  So I'm cleaning house again and am on day 2 of my juicing, putting back into my body "pure, living nutrients straight to [my] bloodstream, energizing and alkalizing [my] system back into a balanced state." At least that's what the label on the back of my juice says!

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