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Open up a monster case of vino for Courteney Cox and the cul-de-sac crew!

After lashing out at ABC for treating them like the "ugly stepsister," the cast of Cougar Town received word today that the alphabet net is canceling the critical-fave comedy after the current season. But there is a silver lining (and cause for grape-pounding)! 'Cause Cougar Town has been picked up by:

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The cable network announced today that it has picked up Cougar Town for a fourth season and will re-air old episodes from the first three seasons as well. ABC will no longer air Cougar Town episodes after the season three finale on Tuesday.

We are guessing by  Busy Phillips' recent comments about the "disappointing" way in which ABC has treated the series, the Cougar Town cast and producer Bill Lawrence are feeling pretty jazzy about the move.

In January, Lawrence organized his own promotional event for Cougar Town at the Television Critics Association Press Tour, after ABC declined to invite the cast and crew to their own panel. He also leaked eight episodes to members of the press and, along with his cast, embarked on a grassroots campaign to try to drum up support (and ratings) for the series. Cougar Town's season three launch was pushed back this year to midseason.

Sources at ABC tell me that many of the network higher-ups are "fans" of the series, but the ratings simply didn't hold up, so they are clearing the way for some promising new comedies set to launch next season. ABC's full 2012-2013 schedule will be announced Tuesday at the ABC Upfront in NYC.

Earlier this week, Phillips told our Marc Malkin she's "really excited about the possibility" of moving to TBS.

We're told there are no plans for the series to change its name over at TBS (even though the show still doesn't reflect its title). So look for more funny, self-deprecating lead-ins to that title card.

Are you happy Cougar Town is sticking around? Pinot or merlot? Pick your poison...

If so, holler in the comments!

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