Giuliana Rancic Gets Parenting Advice From Cameron Diaz, Elizabeth Banks, While Chris Rock...Claims Paternity?!

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    We're pretty sure this is not among the things Giuliana Rancic had the foresight to expect when she was expecting. And we're definitely sure that goes double for her hubby, Bill.

    Because while Cameron Diaz and Elizabeth Banks took time out from walking the red carpet at the What to Expect When You're Expecting premiere last night to offer up heartfelt congrats and parenting advice to the E! News anchor, Chris Rock took it upon himself to put his time in the spotlight to far more comedic effect.

    Like, say, by claiming to be the father of Giuliana's unborn baby.

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    "She's about to have a baby from my sperm," Rock joked to E! News, before making clear that his comments were all in jest. "No, not me. I don't think so, we'll see when it comes out: 'My God, this kid looks like Chris Rock.'"

    Somehow, we don't think Bill is too worried about that. Still, the comedian did offer up some parenting words of wisdom to the expectant reality stars.

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    "It's this thing that happens naturally," he said. "If I give you a baby that looks like you, you will know exactly what to do with it."

    As for Cameron, she said that she already reached out to the Giuliana & Bill couple, and it's safe to say she's a fan.

    "I congratulated her, it's so wonderful, good for them," Diaz said, before adding that she had all the confidence in the world in the couple's nurturing skills.

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    "I think she knows how to do it. That's one girl who has a really massive capacity to love. She's all heart, she is."

    Pal Elizabeth Banks had just as gush-worthy things to say about the E! News anchor.

    "She and I already spoke about this, and I just wish her all the best. I'm just really happy that her and Bill get to have a baby." That certainly seems to be the prevailing sentiment.

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