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The Avengers is a mighty movie, all right.

Hollywood's record-busting box-office champ was so strong last weekend it helped lift up the year's most notorious money-loser

Yes, John Carter, a thank-you note may be in order.

Double features pairing The Avengers and John Carter, some at drive-ins, propelled the latter movie to a $1.5 million Friday-Sunday take and a 12th-place showing on the weekend charts.

The previous weekend, as a solo act, John Carter grossed just $112,000. 

The Avengers' halo effect also had the added bonus of getting John Carter over the $70 million mark domestically.

After a historic $207.4 million opening weekend domestically, the Disney-distributed Avengers has banked $700 million-plus in its first 13 days of release worldwide. 

John Carter, from the same studio, has a somewhat different story.

Made for a reported budget of $250 million, the not-badly reviewed but mostly ignored Martian adventure caused Disney to declare a loss.

After two long months in theaters, John Carter has grossed about $271 million worldwide.

Even The Avengers can only do so much.

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