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You might not want her as a baby sitter but Rosie Pierri seems to have her head screwed on right when it comes to dissecting the Gorga-Giudice family drama.

Not that anyone's listening.

Tonight's episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey brought the table-flipping crazy that's been missing so far this season so why aren't we feeling more enthused?

Back when it was the ladies of Franklin Lakes versus Danielle Staub, we knew who to root for.

Now, it's just an ugly battle between family and friends to see who's left standing.

Ironically, things were darkest at Tia the psychic reader's summer solstice party. Sure, after Teresa Giudice told her brother that Melissa Gorga would leave him for a richer man, you knew the confrontation was coming. But this night was supposed to be about positive energy. "We've got fairies for God's sake," said Kathy Wakile.

And not even Rosie's "everybody should shut up" plea made a difference.

Especially head-scratching tonight was the debate over Melissa's use of the word "jail," which had Teresa hauling out of there. But then we're not from the Garden State so what do we know?

"In Jersey we say, 'Going away' instead of 'Going to prison' because it's old school," explained Kathy. "It's a matter of pride and trying to protect your family. It's a Jersey thing."

The one thing that was clear, Kim D. seems to have taken over for Kim G. as the show's resident busybody. "F--king run them over," she advises Teresa in the parking lot. Posche move, Kim.

As for tonight's other major storyline—Lauren Manzo's weight loss battle—things are going from bad to brutal.

Not only does Caroline Manzo's daughter have to suck down diet shakes and deal with her wise-cracking brothers, Albie and Chris, but mom's blunt analysis seems a little harsh: "Lauren's beautiful, but I'm not going to lie and say she's perfect. She's not. She's got to lose weight."

If there's one person in the world who should think you're perfect, isn't it mom? Apparently sugar-coating things is something else they don't do in Jersey.

Did you appreciate Caroline's honesty or do you think all the talk about Lauren's weight makes the problem worse?

Should Joe Gorga have kept Teresa's phone call to himself or was he right to confide in his wife?

And from the stressful baby-sitting session at the Shore to the peacemaking talks at the summer solstice party, do you hope Bravo makes Rosie a regular fixture on the show?

Weigh in on all things Jersey—minus the word jail!—in the comments.

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