Remember when you saw a photo of Adam Levine rocking a bloody lip and some glasses?

Well, now we know now it was all for Maroon 5's video for their latest single, "Payphone." Even cooler? E! News snagged some behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot!

And we're not talking 30 seconds of Levine's smile and a glimpse of a cameraman (although that would be fine with us)—we have over four minutes of goodness for you.

The clip starts with the center of the video, a bank heist, and the middle of all the chaos, we see Adam giggling behind the desk.

"I work at a bank," Levine tells us about his character. "I have no self-confidence. It's gonna be a very difficult role for me to play because I'm a cocky motherf--ker."

Oh yeah, get used to the cursing.

Along with all that, we see a mystery blonde (who Adam says smells of cinnamon), Wiz Khalifa, guns, explosions, car chases and more Adam Levine.

Do we need to give you any other reasons to watch the clip? Didn't think so.

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