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    Amazing Spider-Man Sizzler: Will Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Share an Iconic Kiss?!

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    The Amazing Spiderman, Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone
    The Amazing Spiderman, Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone Columbia Pictures
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    Pay attention, 2013 MTV Movie Awards, because we may have already found your Best Kiss winner.

    Even though Breaking Dawn will have one more year as a contender (then it's RIP Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart smoochfests!), Emma Stone might just steal the show with The Amazing Spider-Man costar Andrew Garfield.

    Especially if it's half as epic as that Tobey Maguire-Kirsten Dunst kiss! Which made us wonder, are the stars feeling the pressure to deliver some more iconic spit swappin'?

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    Apparently not!

    "It's hard to compete with that first Spider-Man kiss," director Marc Webb admitted to us while showing off the new 3-D trailer for his Spidey reboot (which, yes, featured a blink and you miss it kiss between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy). "I mean, it really was [iconic]."

    Award-winningly so! We're sure we don't have to recount that par-tick kiss, but we will. It was pouring rain. We were in a dark and dangerous alley. Tobey's Spider-Man was upside down and Kirsten's Mary Jane pulled off his mask, puckered up and delivered the 2003 Best Kiss winner.

    And that smooch even got a reboot of its own when Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson reenacted it on The O.C.

    But Webb says he's not trying to top it.

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    "That wasn't really my primary objective. I wanted to make a movie that, to me, it's about the chemistry and that's the thing you rely on," Marc explained to us. "I didn't want to use that language, I wanted to create it in a language of my own."

    The good news is that Starfield—that's Emma and Andrew's real life couple nickname, of course—has shown that they've got chemistry galore. Just check out any of their paparazzi-snapped PDA fests.

    Plus, Emma scored a Best Kiss nomination with Ryan Gosling this year (for Crazy, Stupid, Love), so she already has some prestigious practice. Though, now that we're thinking about it, with all those hottie make out partners, who cares if Emma scores a popcorn statue?

    She's clearly already won.

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