Miley Cyrus, Puppy


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In our next life we want to come back as an abandoned puppy so Miley Cyrus can adopt us!

On Tuesday, the 19-year-old adopted a Rottweiler-beagle mix who was left in a box outside of a Walmart from Saving Spot Rescue in Los Angeles.

So, what's a country crooning, actress try-hard to do with a new member of the family? Take him to the salon of course!

The pup, who's named Happy, sat on Miley's lap as…

She wrapped herself in a black cover, lay back at the hair salon and got pampered as she went from a platinum blonde to a two-toned look with auburn roots.

The LOL star tweeted, "Happy & I getting ‘groomed' by @glennnutley =]." In fact, she hasn't stopped tweeting about the new love of her life since. Just earlier today posting, "I think it's safe to say I am obsessed."

We wonder what boy-toy Liam Hemsworth thinks about that…

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