Let's be real—we wouldn't kick Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) out of bed for eating crackers.

But that's exactly what April Kepner (Sarah Drew) did to Jackson last week on Grey's Anatomy before dropping a bombshell of religious guilt on him. Will her truth attack cause him to fail the board exams?

Plus, we've got exclusive dish from Williams about the "tragedy" in the shocking season finale.

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"He's struggling," Williams admits about his character.

And there isn't just one source of stress that could make Jackson Avery lose his cool in the board exams.

"He already comes in stressed about it, primarily because of his family and his legacy and those expectations," the actor explains. "But then that doubles and quadruples with pressure because of this new issue with April, his best friend. On top of that, mom is here and...she is banging the Chief. So it's a lot going on at once. It's like a hornet's nest."

That is some hornet's nest, all right.

Will April and Jackson's friends-turned-lovers hookup ruin their friendship? Williams says, "I think he's a very understanding guy. It's a lot on his shoulders, but [April's] someone he genuinely cares about."

But that doesn't necessarily mean these hot docs will launch into a relationship or even let their new Facebook status determine their next career move.

"They don't have time. They have seven other fires to put out at the same time," Williams continues. "It's one thing to be in a long-standing relationship, but in this it's sort of separate and weird. Am I supposed to care about your opinion? Is it supposed to be part of my decision making process? I don't think we know yet."

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If his relationship with his best friend is slightly rocky, who can he go to for moral support? Perhaps his mentor, Mark Sloan (Eric Dane).

"I think that Jackson, while he doesn't always take Mark so seriously, he does have a lot of respect for him," Williams dishes. "I would expect to see Jackson go to him for his help, for advice."

Despite their respectful working relationship, Jackson and Mark have a messy history because of Lexie (Chyler Leigh). "He can't see her without thinking about the brief moment that they had and it was kind of unfinished," Williams admits.

Jackson's suspicions were founded, but that doesn't make anything easier: "That can also make it feel worse. I think it's still a bit of an elephant in the room." Especially if Mark and Lexie are on the road to a reunion. Of course, that's assuming the players survive the finale.

If you weren't already worried enough about the Grey's Anatomy finale, with the tears, sobbing, deaths and cliffhangers, Williams isn't going to set your mind at ease.

"It's definitely going to be, I'd say, a shocker." And it's not just any typical crazy Grey's season ender. "It's certainly different for us. And there's tragedy."

A shocker and tragedy? We're not ready.

Are you anxious about the Grey's Anatomy season finale death? Do you want April and Jackson to try for a relationship? Hit the comments!

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