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    Is Eva Longoria Running for Political Office? Plus, Which Presidential Hopeful Is She Slamming?

    Eva Longoria Roger Wong/

    Eva Longoria is an actress, producer, philanthropist and activist—but will she ever be a politician?

    In an opinion piece for the Hollywood Reporter, the Desperate Housewives star and cochair of President Barack Obama's reelection campaign reveals her stance on ever becoming a government official herself...

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    "Would I ever run for something? God, no," Longoria says. "I have more power as a citizen. Once you become a politician, your hands are tied. I'd rather have a voice."

    She also acknowledges that celebrities are often "knocked" for using their fame as a platform for their personal politics. "[But] I look it as being a citizen," she explains. "As a celebrity, I have a way to reach people, but you need to be authentic."

    Longoria, 37, is doing her part to get President Obama reelected in the 2012 election. She says that his likely opponent Mitt Romney is "on the wrong side of every issue that pertains to Latinos."

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    "He called SB 1070 a model law for the rest of the country," she says. (SB 1070 is Arizona's Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act that requires all aliens over age 14 in the U.S. to carry their registration documents with them at all times.) "He tried to clarify, saying he meant a certain aspect of it, which shows his flip-flopping nature. Hispanics can stand to lose the most from his insistence on the Republicans' same failed economic policy."

    "The Latino community needs to know what he stands for," she adds. "He said during the campaign he would veto the DREAM (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors) Act if it came across his desk. That means you are not investing in the future of America."

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