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    Guess Who's Drinking Kristen Stewart's Blood!

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    Kristen Stewart, Breaking Dawn
    Kristen Stewart, Breaking Dawn Summit Entertainment

    If you haven't already peeped the new official Breaking Dawn pic of vampire Bella, then go check it out. Kristen Stewart is a gorgeous, vamptastic, fountain of youth—and we couldn't be more obsessed with her look.

    And it turns out, we're not the only ones swooning over Kristen's beauty, there's another actress who insists she stays young and fresh with a little help from K.Stew.

    How, you might ask? Well, the perp's got a delicious, bloodsucking secret.

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    Brat Pack star Molly Ringwald opened up to Reddit.com Wednesday night in an AMA (an "ask me anything" Q & A chat), and it turns out the Sixteen Candles actress is the quite the Krisbian.

    Molly Ringwald Tiffany Rose/WireImage

    One user asks of the gorgeous 44-year-old actress, "How did you manage to get hotter with age?"

    Her response?

    "I drink the blood of Kristen Stewart."

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    LOL! Brilliant move, Molly Ringwald. You've just earned a whole slew of new Kristen-obsessed fans (guilty as charged).

    So, why, exactly is M.R. so fond of the Twilight babe (as if she needs a reason)?

    Perhaps she's gunning for a Breaking Dawn: Part 2 cameo? Maybe she's trying to win Robert Pattinson's affection? Or maybe she's just aware K.Stew is the hottest actress of the moment.

    Either way, we're just happy to meet another Krisbian.

    You know what they say…so much Kristen Stewart news, so little time!

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