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How I Met Your Mother First Look: A Birth, a Wedding and an Arrest!

How I Met Your Mother Ron P. Jaffe/CBS

Is Barney looking at his future bride?

That's just one question that the just-released photos from How I Met Your Mother's season-seven finale bring up. Other questions you'll have after peeping the pics: Is that really what Marshall and Lily name their baby? What the hell is Barney doing at the police station? And of course the big one: Is Quinn the one Barney marries?

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Obviously, HIMYM is keeping a lot of things secret, like the face of Barney's (Neil Patrick Harris) possible future wife. We're back at his wedding day, as you see in the below photo, but this to us looks like the moment best man Ted (Josh Radnor) comes in to talk to Barney, and maybe not the bridal reveal moment.

How I Met Your Mother Ron P. Jaffe/CBS

And where there's Barney, lately there is Quinn (Becki Newton), whom he's smitten with. And seeing as this two-part episode is titled "The Magician's Code," of course there has to be a magic trick. Barney looks like he's performing one in an airport security room. Who's in trouble and why? And since it's a pretty well-known fact that the most important code of magicians is never to reveal their secrets, we have to wonder…is Quinn going to try and pull a disappearing act without an explanation, hence the possible airport setting?

How I Met Your Mother Sonja Flemming/CBS

Finally, we have the birth of Marshall (Jason Segel) and Lily's (Alyson Hannigan) first baby, and it looks like they have a name already picked out: Stephen. Or Stephanie. That'd be an odd name for a boy, but that's what what we got from Marshall's supercool T-shirt. Of course they could always pull a last-minute change of heart and go with Skywalker or something.

How I Met Your Mother Richard Cartwright/Fox

How I Met Your Mother's season-seven finale airs May 14 on CBS.

What do you make of these season finale photos, HIMYM fans? Is anyone going on strike if Robin isn't revealed to be the bride of Barney? Or do you think the powers that be over there have a big twist planned?

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