Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman are both immensely talented, but not so much when it comes to sign language.

In the Sir Paul McCartney-directed video for his song, "My Valentine," Depp and Portman majorly flub up the lyrics with their hand gestures.

Deaf music fans pointed out to Spinner that Depp makes the motion for the word "enemy" while attempting "valentine." Oops.

As for Portman's snafu?

While attempting to sign the word "appear," she actually makes the motion for "tampon." Depp also makes this error.

But a spokesperson for The British Deaf Association gives the actors an "A" for effort. "It would have been nice if genuine deaf people had been used. But it's still great," the spokesperson said, noting that the performances were "more of a poetic expression" than a translation of McCartney's lyrics.

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