Mani, pedi, facials, spa treatments, you say?

Sounds like it's male bonding time for Jason Bateman and Will Arnett!

Intrepid documentarian Morgan Spurlock, who gorged on Happy Meals in Super Size Me and explored Hollywood product placement in The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, now trains his astute eye on a hirsute subject: male grooming.

And he's got two funnymen to help guide him along: the Arrested Development Bluths both star and are executive producers!

Shall we slather on the facial masks?

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The film, which premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival on Saturday, takes a look at the high-maintenance world of male vanity, in an age when words like "metrosexual" and "manscaping" push traditional notions of masculinity.

In this exclusive clip, Arnett and Bateman discuss the fine intricacies of shaving, decked out in white robes and bathed in enough caustic wit to make this seem like a long-lost Saturday Night Live sketch.

Ingrown hair, shaving styles, thinly veiled grooming insults—yep, they're all fair game, as the duo slather on barb after barb along with their shaving cream.

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"What do you think works best with my face?" Bateman asks Arnett at one point.

"A hood would be good, or like a balaclava," Arnett deadpans. "Big sunglasses."

Ouch! Looks like those razors weren't the only sharp things in that room!

Mansome hits theaters on May 18.

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