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Top Model's Transgender Isis on Surgery and Secrets

Isis, America's Next Top Model Jim De Yonker / The CW

Eliminated Top Model Isis wants the surgery, and she didn't know Clark was talking smack about her until she saw the show!

The transgender America's Next Top Model contestant just talked to reporters about what has kept her from going through with gender-reassignment surgery, and what it's like being the only biological male in a house full of high-strung model wannabes...

Sexual Reassignment Surgery, Y/N? Isis says yes, she'd love to have the operations and treatments necessary to become more biologically female, but cold hard cash is currently an obstacle: "There's still obviously the finances. I'm not working right now, but hopefully I get a lot of gigs from me being on the show. Once I save my money—hopefully within the next two years, that's my goal—I will have it done as soon as possible, so I can just get it out of the way."

Psych Out? Isis admits it was hard to totally ignore the issue of her gender during the competition, but she did her best: "I just try not to really think about me being born special or a little different than other girls. I really try not to dwell on it, because the more and more I start to dwell on it, the more and more it starts to consume my shoots, or my personality, or my ability to perform...[but] I guess it was inevitable."

Behind-the-Scenes Backbiting: Apparently Isis didn't know Clark was against her until she saw the show. Says Isis, "I guess I never really knew how Clark felt about me. In the house we talked and everything, and I never knew that she felt the way that she felt."

Was Isis kicked out too soon? As for the "obvious" winner predicted by the Jays, I think it's got to be either Elina or Lauren Brie, and apparently you guys agree based on your votes in our poll. But are there any dark horses we should be watching out for? Let us know in the comments!

—Additional reporting by Natalie Abrams




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