It seems like every time a celebrity couple calls it quits, we hear the same boring requisite response that, while things may not have worked out, they're still going to be lifelong pals.


That's why it's so refreshing when a guy like Kid Rock comes along and tells it like it is. During an appearance on today's Ellen DeGeneres Show, he talks about his current relationship with his married-six-months-before-getting-divorced ex, Pamela Anderson.

After showing Kid a clip of his former missus doing a little striptease on the show a couple weeks ago, Ellen proceeds to ask if he and Pam are still tight.

"Not really," the singer says. "If I saw her somewhere I'd say hi, but I try not to go in the same circles. I touched stove, stove was hot, I think I not touch stove anymore." 

Sounds like it's true what they say: If you want an honest answer, simply ask a Kid. 

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