Jessica Alba & Honor

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Green Is Universal - Nov 2011

Jessica Alba isn't just a red-hot mama—she's a hot green mama!

How so? Alba and hubby Cash Warren's 3-year-old daughter Honor is probably one of the most eco-friendly toddlers you'll find in the sandbox.

"I try to talk to her about being mindful of how much she goes through and how she thinks about trash," Alba told us while promoting her new eco-friendly website "'This goes here because this can be turned into something else one day.'"

At home, they use a water filter to avoid using plastic bottles. No need to waste water on the lawn because they've installed "eco non-toxic turf" instead of grass. Honor's toys? Definitely made from green plastic.

"We do lots of crafts and DIY, homemade things to decorate the house," Alba said. "Honor will have a little art piece and we'll get a frame from the thrift store and we'll paint it and that will be what she has in her room."

She's a cofounder of, a retail website for household and baby products that are all natural and non-toxic.

You have to check out the adorable diapers decorated with flowers, ice cream cones and cartoon skull and bones.

"It was so important and kind of out of necessity as a parent and wanting a company like this to exist," Alba said. "When you become a parent, you want the best for your children and your family."

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