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    New Skyfall Photos! Did We Learn Any Spoilers From Top-Secret James Bond Set?

    Ralph Fiennes, Skyfall Columbia Pictures

    He played Voldemort in Harry Potter. And now Ralph Fiennes is giving a jolt to James Bond.

    New set photos have surfaced from Skyfall, including a first look of the the Oscar-nominated actor in his secretive role of a government agent.

    So what did we learn from these latest pics?

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    Daniel Craig, Skyfall Columbia Pictures

    Friend or foe? If the latter, the gun-brandishing Fiennes could give Daniel Craig's suave superspy some serious trouble on his 23rd mission.

    Empire first posted the pics after being invited to tour England's renowned Pinewood Studios—which has hosted many a Bond production over the franchise's 50-year history. There, director Sam Mendes, cast and crew were holed up shooting scenes for Skyfall on several mammoth soundstages. But while there's little in the way of spoilers that emerged from the visit, fans learned a few tidbits about the new flick.

    For one, Craig told the magazine that the newest 007 installment will harken back to the '60s Sean Connery adventures, particularly in the way it's being photographed.

    "Visually we're in very safe hands because [cinematographer] Roger Deakins is shooting this movie, which is just phenomenal," said the thesp. "It has a classic feel to it. I won't lie to you: we've tried to sort of bring some of the feelings of older Bond movies into this film—but this is a modern movie."

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    Daniel Craig, Skyfall Columbia Pictures

    Craig was mum, of course, on just what Bond will be up to this go-around, though reports indicate M, played by Judi Dench, will be heavily involved.

    Alas, no pictures were leaked this time of Javier Bardem who's been cast as Skyfall's villain. But the Oscar winner did fess up a little bit when asked whether his character comes from his native Spain.

    "He is kind of from over there, yeah," Bardem said. "He is not from Oklahoma, I can tell you!"

    Check out the rest of the set pics below, including shots of Dench and new Bond babe Naomie Harris, and let us know if you're as psyched as we are.

    Skyfall Columbia Pictures
    Judi Dench, Skyfall Columbia Pictures
    Naomie Harris, Skyfall Columbia Pictures
    Daniel Craig, Skyfall Columbia Pictures
    Skyfall Columbia Pictures
    Daniel Craig, Skyfall Columbia Pictures
    Daniel Craig, Skyfall Columbia Pictures

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