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    The Avengers Secrets Revealed! Is Hulk a Smashing Lover? And Which Villain's Weakness Is...Pudding?

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    The Avengers Cast
    The Avengers Cast Courtesy of Alberto E. Rodriguez/WireImage

    Dying to know what kind of shenanigans superheroes get themselves into? Curious about what happens once those capes come off? Well, wonder no more! We caught up The Avengers stars—plus a few surprise guests—at last night's world premiere at El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, and they were more than happy to spill all their supersize secrets...

    Chris Evans Capt. America humbly accepts Robert Downey Jr.'s compliment that he's the most "underrated actor" and jokes, "Now I owe him 100 bucks!"

    Will The Avengers Be the Biggest, Most Expensive Movie Ever?

    Tom Hiddleston Actor reveals he's a huge fan of "pudding"...and explains just how much that word covers.

    Avengers Cast Flocks to Comic-Con, With New Hulk!

    Samuel L. Jackson Mr. Fury knows he comes off as "intimidating," but reveals the one time he gets nervous.

    The Avengers Gets a Director: Joss Whedon!

    Mark Ruffalo The actor reveals that his wife thinks he's most like the Hulk—in the bedroom!

    Incredible but True: Edward Norton Booted From The Avengers

    Alexander Skarsgård: Stellan's son says fame is more low-key in Sweden than the States, but reveals he's learned from his dad's career how to keep some things private.

    The Avengers' Robert Downey Jr.: Iron Man of the Movies

    Jeremy Renner Check out how the actor sprained his neck—despite action movie advice from Tom Cruise on how not to injure himself doing his own stunts.

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