Jennifer Love Hewitt, The Client List


Well this year was certainly the sexiest Easter ever, huh? Lifetime served up Jennifer Love Hewitt's steamy new series (inspired by last year's made-for-TV movie) about a mom who moonlights as a prostitute.

And while J.Love and The Client List are getting plenty of attention—plenty of which comes courtesy of those omnipresent billboards showing off a nearly nude Hewitt (killer bod, babe!)—Jen is hardly the first person in Hollywood to portray a prostitute—it is, after all, the world's oldest profession…

And one of the oldest tricks in Hollywood to score some awards season action.

Just ask Julia Roberts, Charlize Theron or Elizabeth Taylor, all of whom have taken to the big screen to show that life as a hooker isn't always so pretty…actually, for Theron is was really, really ugly. But, as always, it was probably worth it just to get nominated!

Of course not all of these portrayals have led to Oscar glory—we're looking at you, Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried and Vanessa Hudgens (among many, many others, it seems). Guess it takes more to do a call girl (or guy) justice than just a pretty face!

So while Hollywood seems hooked on, well, hookers, it's time you decided who does it best and who should quit the biz. So onward you go to our Hollywood's Favorite Hookers gallery—just be warned, it'll cost you!

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