Top Model: The Winner Is "Obvious"!

    America's Next Top Model - cycle 11 cast Jim De Yonker / The CW

    When you watch America's Next Top Model tonight, keep this in mind: Both of the Jays already know the winner!

    I just caught up with the fabulous Mr. Jay Manuel and Miss J. Alexander, and they gave me the following dish on the "obvious" girl who'll be victorious this season...

    Jay Manuel Chris Polk / Getty Images

    "I called the winner of this cycle on day one," Mr. Jay told me. "I knew it."

    "We both did," Miss J revealed. "We both knew who would win right away. It was obvious!"

    So I ask you fans...Who is the obvious choice? Isis? Elina? Clark? Those are just three names that come to mind, but it's up to you to vote in our poll below.

    In the meantime, don't expect any clear indication from the Jays on who they're rooting for during the episodes. "Trust me, whenever it’s kind of obvious they cut it out because they don’t want us to give it up, but I did call this winner," insisted Mr. Jay (who, by the way, I got to work closely with on Emmy day, and let me tell you, he is the real deal).

    Jay Alexander The CW

    "What happens sometimes [is that] when I scream excitement over a girl," added Miss J, "she never gets chosen, because the producers think it's too obvious. So I don’t do that anymore. I keep it to myself now."

    So what about Isis, the show's first transgender contestant? Could she be the one?

    "The amazing thing with Isis is that if there is one industry that can really embrace someone who is transgender, it would be the fashion industry," noted Jay Manuel.

    Guess we'd better not rule her out yet, though it should be noted Isis hasn't exactly been wowing the judges lately. Instead, I'm looking tonight for the girl who doesn't get much commentary from the judges at all...

    For the record, my money's on Elina.

    Now...guesses? Favorites? The comments and poll below are all yours for the taking...