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Khloé & Lamar Recap: Home Sweet Home?

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Khloe and Lamar

With Lamar off to train in Dallas, Bruce and momma Kris come to bid farewell to Khloé. While Bruce supports Khloé's decision to move—even giving her a cowboy hat for the Lone Star state—it's more than Kris can handle.

"We all know that you're a strong girl, and you have to be there for everybody else," Kris sniffles. "But who's going to be there for Khloé?"

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As our gal-pal explains though, she's not leaving for nothing. "My family and I have never really lived apart from each other, but Lamar needs me."

And Lamar gets her as soon as she's off the plane and into the hotel room where they'll be staying. The attentive wifey can sense that something is off with her hubby, and she thinks she knows how to fix it. "Lamar is so sore and tired and he needs his own bed. I have got to find us a place ASAP."

Not so fast, Khloé! It's not just missing home that's bothering Lamar, as he reveals that, "Being with a new team for the first time, everything is mental now and all eyes are on me. The pressure is on."

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While Lamar feels the heat, Khloé is getting nothing but love from the people in Dallas; walking by one local bar that's sponsoring a Kardashian look-alike contest and meeting fans who want to show their appreciation.

Yet, in spite of the warm welcome, it seems like no matter what Khloé says she can't get through to her 6 foot, 10 inch tall drink of basketball playing water—especially when it comes time for game day.

"It's the first game of the season and I feel anxiety to perform at a high level and do my job well," he says.

"Unfortunately, Lamar did not have such a great game tonight, and we've been kind of bickering lately," Khloé says as she sets a romantic scene at their new home after the game. "I'm hoping a little romance, candles...Maybe that can make him smile."

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But Lamar is still having an emotional block from the game. So while he retreats to the bedroom, Khloé calls her mom for advice. "I feel like I'm trying and it's not going the way that I thought it was going to go," she sobs into the phone.

Kris' advice is that Khloé needs to keep a support system for herself in Dallas too, which is the exact moment when Lamar comes back into the room to comfort her—such a good little Lam!

"You make me happy," he tells Khloé, and admits that he's been wrong to take his frustrations on the court out on his marriage. That's one smart Maverick!

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Tune in next week to see what happens with Khloé and Lamar on April 15!

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