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Bristol Palin may have a few other things on her mind today, but she apparently still managed to tune into her mom's if-you-can't-beat-'em-join-'em foray into the bowels of "lamestream media."

And what did the 21-year-old think of the job Sarah Palin did as guest host of the Today show Tuesday?

Rave reviews, wouldn't you know?!

"I just wanted to congratulate my mother for doing a great job this morning hosting Today!" Bristol wrote on her blog.

"I laughed when she poked fun at herself by pretending to read all of those newspapers, a reference to that Katie Couric interview back in 2008. I thought she did well discussing topics of the day, interviewing people, and generally just having fun with the regular crew. I bet Today experienced a pretty big bump in the ratings due to all of the loyal Palin fans who always show support and encouragement!  Saw a comment that said to forget Game ChangeToday should call this episode 'Ratings Change!'"

Well, we certainly look forward to seeing the numbers tomorrow—especially since Couric is pulling guest-host duty over at Today rival Good Morning America all week.

"My mom definitely proves you can be in the lamestream media without being of the lamestream media," Bristol continued. "Way to hold your own, Mom! But can you really imagine Tori Spelling having a moose-kebob potluck? Me either!"

That last comment referred to Palin and Ann Curry's interview with the pregnant mother of three, whom Palin called an "inspiration."

The former governor of Alaska also gave a not-hard-to-decipher nod of approval to Bristol's upcoming reality series for Lifetime, Life's a Tripp.

"You know what would be nice," Palin said, "is if the marketplace would demand that maybe some reality shows would start portraying some very healthy, independent young women who are striving for strong work ethic examples and doing those things that are kind of the antithesis of so many of the things that we're seeing portrayed in reality shows today."

(E! and NBC are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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