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    Ultimate Fan Battle: Guess Who's Back in the Final Four!

    Supernatural, Glee, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Kristen Stewart Christopher Polk/Getty Images; Robert Voets/UPN; Michael Yarish/FOX; Jack Rowand/The CW

    We heard you loud and clear, fans!

    Sure, we were down to two fandoms for a sec there, as Supernatural and Buffy reigned supreme in the early rounds of our Ultimate Fan Battle, but when the stakes are this high a victory is never that simple.

    Which is why we took to Twitter for a hash tag war to see whose fans were savvy enough to secure their formerly ousted (or never nominated) pop culture fave a spot in the wild-card round. And we have two winners:

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    Glee and Kristen Stewart!

    That's right, the heavy hitters—or at least who we originally thought would provide stiff competition—are back. Gleeks flooded to Twitter to tell @KristinDSantos that Rachel Berry and her show-tunes-singing cohorts deserved another shot at the title.

    Similarly, the Krisbians and other general K.Stew devotees took to their trending topics to let us know that the box-office star had what it takes to win this whole thing.

    Now that they're back, do not disappoint us—or them, for that matter—because it will not be easy going head-to-head with the current reigning champs, Supernatural and Buffy. Their rabid fans have voted 'em this far and don't seem to be losing any steam as we enter the fab four.

    So get to voting and prove that your fandom is the one to beat. You have until Sunday, April 8 at 7:00 p.m. PST. Good luck…and let the bloodbath begin!

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