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    Josh Hutcherson Talks Hunger Games Sequel (Yep, Already); Plus, What's He Texting Jennifer Lawrence?

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    Hunger Games, Josh Hutcherson
    Hunger Games, Josh Hutcherson Murray Close/Lionsgate

    Josh Hutcherson is a busy man. A busy man who, from the sounds of it, scarcely has time to enjoy the fruits of his Hunger Games success. Why? Because he's already got an eye toward the sequel!

    Peeta himself chatted with E!'s own Ryan Seacrest this morning and shared his thoughts on the film's runaway box-office success; the status of the highly anticipated sequel, Catching Fire; and what words he and costar Jennifer Lawrence have shared since the movie's crazy opening…

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    But not before taking a moment to bask in the success.

    "It's crazy, we were pushing it so hard and we worked really hard to film it and we obviously had high hopes, but nothing like this," he told the KIIS-FM host during a radio chat this morning. "It's beyond my wildest dreams."

    So far, he's been relatively sheltered from the more effusive fans, as he spent the past week at home in Kentucky.

    "I just got back to Los Angeles, I haven't had much interaction with humans yet. I'm curious what that's going to be like," he said.

    We're guessing nothing like the low-key exchange he shared with Jennifer.

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    When asked if he had been able to speak to his costars in the wake of the film's release, Hutcherson said, "Yeah, but we haven't talked about the opening.

    "I texted Jennifer about basketball…the only conversation we've had is about the Final Four. We talk about the movie so much, we don't have time to do that with each other."

    Meanwhile, Hutcherson also opened up about the second installment of author Suzanne Collins' YA trilogy, Catching Fire, and said he's looking forward to the "unspoken tension" between Peeta and Gale, played by Liam Hemsworth.

    He said that the screenwriter, Slumdog Millionaire's Simon Beaufoy, has only just begun working on the script, and that together with director Gary Ross and Collins, they're not expecting the turnaround time to be too long.

    "They have a release date already of November of next year, probably start shooting end of summer, beginning of fall," he told Seacrest.

    Can't wait!

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