One Tree Hill Cast, Season 7

Frank Ockenfels/The CW

For One Tree Hill fans, there's not much that can cheer us up right now. Our beloved show is ending (for real this time), and each episode is making us cry harder than the last.

But hey, we have some silver lining for you guys. We've got our hands on some One Tree Hill memorabilia, and since we can't keep it for ourselves, it's yours for the taking!

We have two One Tree Hill posters, signed by your beloved cast, that's just itching to be given away to a true OTH fan. So how do you win a piece of OTH to keep forever, even after the finale on April 4?

Simply by professing your love. Head to Twitter and tweet @KristinDSantos your reasons why One Tree Hill has meant so much to you. Was it the relationship between the brothers? The love stories? The twisted plotlines that entertained you for nine seasons? Tell us everything! But be sure to use #OTHgiveaway in your tweets.

We'll pick two winners, to be announced on the day of the finale, April 4. We'll be contacting you via direct message, so be sure to follow @KristinDSantos. In the meantime, you can check out the River Court "Farewell" Facebook app to leave a message for the show along with other fans. And of course, don't forget to tune in next Wednesday for the special two-hour OTH finale event on the CW.

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