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Oy! What a weekend. So much to share, so let's dig right in to your Q's...

Marilynn in St. Petersburg, Fla.: Hi Kristin! I was wondering if you knew what Jim would be doing on The Office while Pam is away at art school?
I talked to John Krasinski yesterday at the Emmys, and he told me, "Jim Halpert is slowly accelerating his life at Dunder Mifflin. I think he's trying to take it seriously now, all of a sudden. Although I'm not really sure why. I think it was frustrating to him for so long and he's just trying to buy into it now." I also asked if Dwight and Jim were going to be doing anything fun together this year and he said, "Jim and Dwight are going to have a baby together. We're going to adopt. Oh, did I say that out loud? Please don't print that."

Petra in Yakima, Wash.: Can you tell me any more about the nature of Ben's plan on Lost?
That's just what I asked Evangeline Lilly yesterday at the Emmys, and she told me, "Hmmm? Is Ben's plan's coming together? Is Ben's plan comprehensible is the question? Can anyone make sense of Benjamin Linus?" Ah, sounds like a classic Lost brainteaser! I also ran into Michael Emerson at the HBO party (he and his wife Carrie Preston are an adorable couple BTW) and asked him how Ben was going to get everyone to go along, and he said, "Oh, it's not a question of why they should go along, it's a question of do they want to survive." In the words of the great thinker Shaggy: Zoinks!

Frances in Wilmington, Va.: How is my man Kevin McKidd on Grey's?
Whoa, whoa, whoa. You mean my man Kevin McKidd? I have loved him since before Caesar Augustus died in Rome in freaking something or other B.C., OK? So back off, mama! Ahem, anyway? He is awesome. He is actually my most favoritest part of the Grey's premiere and leaves me so weak-kneed and apparently weak-tongued that I can't even use proper grammar. (Help!) I think you will adore the interaction between "Major Hottie" (McKidd) and Cristina. He plays a no-BS Army doctor who is so raw and tough and dirty and...Don't make me go on 'cause my husband may be reading, but suffice to say that if he were to return later in the season, you would have good reason to watch and rewatch every episode of this series. [One caveat and a plea to Shonda Rhimes: Make that Major Hottie shave his newfound facial hair. Stat!]

Ryan in Atlanta: Yay! Grey's is back this week! Do spill!

Patrick Dempsey


Sir, yes sir! Gladly. I've seen this Thursday's two-hour premiere and let me tell you, it is good to have our Seattle Grace friends back—and also good to see that those promos ABC temporarily released (Rose being pregnant; Derek dying) really weren't true and not a big part of the storyline at all. The episode is solid, and I'll share what I can (without having to enter witness protection) in the Spoiler Section below.

How I Met Your Mother, Neil  Patrick Harris

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Mark in Toledo, Ohio: So what's the deal with Ted and Stella? Are they definitely getting married?
Said Neil Patrick Harris: "Yeah, there might be a wedding. There might be a big wedding. Ted and Stella. They might tie the knot. You know what that means." No! Tell me! By the way, How I Met Your Mother returns tonight to CBS, so be sure to check it out. (And psst...The wedding was already shot.)

Heather in Pensacola, Fla.: Have you heard any scoop on future exes for The Ex List?
My favorite boy of My Boys, Reid Scott, told me he is heading for The Ex List this season in one of the pre-Diane Ruggiero's exit episodes. Yay! He'll be playing an ex who goes back from childhood.

Denise in Corona, Calif.: What's going on with the final season of ER? So sad it's ending!
You're not the only one! My old college pal Linda Cardellini admits she and costar Parminder Nagra spontaneously burst into tears whenever they think about it. But dry your eyes, my dear, because she also thinks this is the greatest season she has been a part of. "There are a lot of people coming back behind the camera," Linda said, "Some of the directors from yesteryear. And some of the old faces from the show are coming back in front of the camera. We have some surprise little cameos in there." Paging Doctor Ross and Nurse Hathaway!

Jennifer Beals

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Brynn in San Francisco: Do you have any scoop on the final season of The L Word? January just seems so far away!
What a feelin'! Jennifer Beals let us in on a little surprise from the new season: "We actually have a whole dance sequence that's coming up, which ought to be really fascinating." Beals said that it's actually Marlee Matlin, fresh off of her run on Dancing With the Stars, who will take center stage. When asked if we should expect a Flashdance flashback for Jennifer, she said: "No! There are no buckets of water involved."

Mel in Austin, Texas: Kristin, any updates on 90210 casting? Any more characters from the original coming by?
Pull out your original character chart and mark Claire down as a no. I talked to Kathleen Robertson at the Emmys—she was there with her nominated miniseries, Tin Man, and she told me that no, her character, Claire Arnold, from the original series would not be making an appearance on the 90210 spinoff. I also checked with Miss Azkedellia herself on the possibility of a continuing Tin Man series, and she said, "I don't know! I had kinda heard yes, and then I kinda heard no, but it would be fun if it did happen." Neal McDonough told me something similar last week on the Desperate Housewives set.

Min in Cedar Rapids, Iowa: Kristin! Do you know anything more about the Battlestar Galactica movies, especially the Cylon-centric one?
According to the lovely Tricia Helfer, "The movie is called The Plan. It deals with the Cylon perspective on the world of Battlestar Galactica. The Cylons have always said they had a plan, and this elaborates on that."

Michelle in Albany, N.Y.: So happy Samantha Who? got some recognition last night at the Emmys when Jean Smart won! Spill the scoop please!
An Emmy-winning Jean Smart told me at the HBO Emmy Suite that her character, Regina Newly, will be getting a new job this season. She said it requires her to wear a blazer, so I'm guessing real estate. Or sex change. Or NBC page. Tough call.

Jane Z. in Brooklyn, N.Y.: Any Mad Men scoop? Will Betty ever let Don back in the house?
According to January Jones, "I think the chances are fifty-fifty. Something major would have to happen for him to be forgiven."

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross

Cate: Please tell me that it's not true that Cameron is going to end up pregnant on House!
Because I live to serve you guys, I asked Jennifer Morrison about this at the Emmys yesterday, and she said, "Is that a rumor? I hadn't even heard that! I learn so much on the red carpet! As far as I know, Cameron is not pregnant, but they are very, very secretive about the storylines on the show, so if she is or will be, they haven't told me yet. There's a lot of other great stuff this season: There is a hostage situation at one point; we'll learn a little bit more about what's going on with Chase and Cameron, and there's some flirting between House and Cuddy."

Justin Chambers

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Wanda2Saints: What can you tell us about the Grey's premiere?
Where things are left off with Alex and Izzie at the end of the season premiere are not indicative as to what lies ahead this season. (Remember that so you know what I'm saying after you watch the episode.) Also, one of the docs gets stabbed and Sandra Oh rants at Meredith with something some of you fans have been wanting to say for a while now: "Shut up about Derek!" It is an awesome scene. Look for it.

Randall in Ithaca, N.Y.: Is Lauren Stamile really gone for good after the premiere? Please say yes!
Yes. And you will see why in the season premiere—she has a weird Dexter-like moment.

Lisa Edelstein

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Eliza in Paris, Texas: House!
Lisa Edelstein
, who could not have looked more exquisite in Reem Acra and black-and-white diamonds, told me yesterday at the Emmys: "In the first few episodes, there's not a lot of Cuddy, but then some really wonderful stuff happens and I'm very excited about it. There's some really great interaction between House and Cuddy, and Cuddy, of course, suffers and suffers some more, but it's fun, because I get to work with Hugh. I love him." Also, I ran into Peter Jacobson at the L.A. Confidential party this weekend and he told me we'll see an episode where House really gets on Taub for being a dirty little cheater. Poor Rachel Taub (Jennifer Crystal), who will definitely pop up this season to deal with this adultery business.

Mandy in Detroit: How about some Gossip Girl?
I'm hearing that there is huge stuff in the works for Jenny Humphrey. She's going to do something to shock the hell out of Daddy Dearest in the hopes that it will make her young, rich and famous, but it doesn't work out exactly as she'd planned. And yes, it involves Eleanor and fashion, por supuesto.

Yessica in Eugene, Or.: Kristin, I saw you on the Emmys show. Is Michael Scott really getting engaged? That's crazy!
What I reported is that that's what he tells his officemates but sadly, as much as I'd love for him to hitch up with Holly, I would put good money on Michael Scott lying about the engagement.

Terry in Des Moines: Kristin, thank you for the Office clips! I love you, but I hate you that you got to be there.
I feel you. I'm not even talking to myself anymore I'm so jealous of me. So, a little scoop! Pam isn't the only one with higher-education aspirations. Any guesses? Think you've got the Dwight—oops, sorry—right man? Comment below. (Or what the hey, I'll just say it: I'm hearing Mr. Schrute may be applying to Cornell.)

Kitty in Old Lyme, Conn.: The Office!
Mindy Kaling
told me at the Seagate-Revlon sponsored Entertainment Weekly pre-Emmy party, "The Amy Ryan-Steve Carell chemistry and what happens with them is so amazing. She is amazing." BTW, if you haven't seen the new Office promos, check 'em out. Because Amy Ryan's wicka-wicka-wicka-wuh kills me every single time.

Jack McBrayer, 30 Rock

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Mark in Los Angeles: So many guest stars this year on 30 Rock! Are we going to get a little Kenneth/Devon love?
At the HBO Luxury Emmy Suite, Jack McBrayer, aka Kenneth, told me, "Will Arnett is just as crazy and maniacal as ever." He dished that they were definitely going to "bump into" each other several times when Will stops by this season. Also, if you're looking for some resolution to Kenneth being held at gunpoint in Beijing, he spilled that they seemed to have forgotten all about it. By the way, I ran into Judah Friedlander outside of the Four Seasons (where the suite was held and where he happened to be staying), and he told me Jennifer Aniston won't just be flirting with Jack Donaghy—she'll be chatting Frank up as well, but only to try and sell him a hat.

Frank: Please, how about a little One Tree Hill info?
Gladly. Lucas is going to have reservations about doing the movie because the director slept with Peyton. Jealousy is a fierce beast! Also, Owen returns and tries to win Brooke back. And Gigi, Mouth's former intern, comes back and tries to get in between Mouth and Millicent.

Laurel in Prescott, Ariz.: Kristin! Wisteria Lane please!
At the Emmy Presenters Gift Lounge this weekend, Dana Delaney told me that the love-hate relationship between herself and Bree stands strong—but that for now, the dynamic is definitely more the latter! As for the terrifying new neighbor on Wisteria Lane? Apparently, Katherine doesn't seem to mind that Edie's new hubby, Dave Williams (Neal McDonough), is married or that he might be a sociopath. In fact, she develops a little crush on Mr. Edie Britt.

Thomas in Idaho: How's Pushing Daisies looking?
Awesome, and I hear that Chuck's dad will most definitely be coming back into the picture, via the touch of one very special man who did him in in the first place. (If you watch the show and, following this, need a flow chart, let me know in the comments and I'll map it out for ya...then give you a good place to buy some Ginkgo Biloba!) P.S. Look for Autumn Reeser to pop up in the premiere, along with Missi Pyle and French Stewart, who make the bee business look downright diabolical.

Nancy in Boston: Even though Chuck Bartowski is adorable, my heart belongs to Captain Awesome! When's the wedding?
At Thursday's NBC Fall Premiere Party, Ryan McPartlin (Awesome) told me that the return of Morgan Fairchild as his mother puts a damper on their wedding plans. And his best-man pick? "I think it would have to be Chuck. It can't be Morgan. I'm going to make him the ring bearer!" But what Ryan is really hoping for this season is a Captain Awesome crossover into Chuck's world of espionage. "It would be very cool if I get deep into it and he's got to get my back and save me somehow, but I take all the credit!"

Kyle in Hollywood, Calif.: Ugly Betty comes back this week! What's the scoop?
Betty's moving on up...to a deeeluxe apartment in the ska-hyee! She'll get a new job at Mode working for Wilhelmina (Vanessa Williams)—what?—and I think Marc is going to have something to say about this.

David Boreanaz

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Debbie in Seattle: What's going to happen to Booth and Bones when she dates his brother Jared [Brendan Fehr]?
I ran into David Boreanaz and he told me, "I know she goes on a date with him (Jared), and it doesn't go too well. It's not that I really struggle with it. I think I'm more or less struggling with the kind of person he is and how he would end up getting her, maybe, into trouble." For the love of the fans and all that is holy: Stick with Booth, Bones!

Roger in Hackensack, N.J.: You haven't dished on Private Practice lately; I demand some scoop!
Audra McDonald
told me that she and Taye Diggs have actually been taking Pilates classes prepping for all the, um, twists this season. "There's a lot of sex this season, a lot for everybody, there's a lot of bed hopping on Private Practice right now," she told me at Les Deux on Saturday night. Does that mean we'll be seeing more love with Chris Lowell? "The triangle is alive." Hooray for cougardom!

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin, Natalie Abrams and Megan Masters

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