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    Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis Naked Picture Hacker Cuts a Deal, Will Plead Guilty

    Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis John Shearer/Getty Images; Toff Oren/FilmMagic

    Was seeing Scarlett Johansson naked really worth it for Christopher Chaney?

    The 35-year-old Florida man, who admitted to hacking private email accounts belonging to Johansson, Mila Kunis and Christina Aguilera (among others), is due to plead guilty in federal court Monday to nine felony counts in exchange for a lighter sentence, according to court documents filed Thursday.

    And yet he's still facing up to 60 years in prison for his crimes.

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    Chaney was originally facing more than 100 years in prison for identity theft, unauthorized computer access and wiretapping that affected roughly 50 victims, according to court documents. He is said to have hacked into the accounts and attached a bug that allowed him to receive a copy of every email sent by the unaware user.

    He would then shop some of his ill-gotten goods, such as the X-rated shots of Johansson, to celeb-centric websites like, the founder of which told E! News last year that he "really felt bad" for the star when he obtained the pics.

    "Scarlett didn't know these pictures would get stolen," Nik Richie told us after he took the photos down at the behest of Johansson's attorney. "For Scarlett, I thought it was in her best interest and our best interest to remove the images."

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    Johansson, in fact, was the one who kept a sense of humor about the whole thing, telling Vanity Fair, "I know my best angles."

    Chaney apologized on the news in Jacksonville, Fla., after he was arrested in October, saying that what he did "was probably one of the worst invasions of privacy someone could experience."

    He has been free on $110,000 bail since being arraigned Nov. 1, albeit wearing an ankle monitor and prohibited from using computers.

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