The Three Stooges, Will Sasso, Sean Haye, Chris Diamantopoulos

Peter Iovino, Getty Images

If you love slapstick (like, really love slapstick), then the new trailer for the Three Stooges is right up your alley.

That's because this latest look at the upcoming big-screen homage to the iconic comedians, from codirectors Peter and Bobby Farrelly, is pretty much wall-to-wall eye poking, face slapping, hammer hitting and, well, pretty much every other crazy antic one would expect from Curly, Larry and Moe.

In fact, the trailer even comes with a warning...

"What you are about to witness are stunts performed by experienced professionals. Do not try this at home," flashes an introductory warning, followed by three skulls bearing a striking resemblance to our fearless trio (played by Chris Diamantopoulos, Sean Hayes and Will Sasso), an obvious parody of the famed Jackass opening.

They probably should have included a fourth member, though. No, not Shemp but Sofia Vergara, who, while only briefly seen here, still manages to show off her own impressive slapstick skills.

Here's hoping there's a lot more of the stunning star when the flick, er, hits theaters April 13.

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