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    Are Two H'wood Couples Headed for Splitsville?

    Fergie, Josh Duhamel, Nick Lachey, Vanessa Minnillo Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

    We're hearing inside whispers that two H'wood romances are headin' toward a, Brad and Angelina ain't one of them, so calm down. The Brangie dynasty still stands. For now. And Ben and Jen are still smiling for the cameras, and we're still rolling our eyes.

    Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey are rumored to have split, with V.M. moving out of his pad. We had a gooey-eyed love convo with Van herself just a few weeks ago at the Pink Party, where she claimed Nicky was doing his football thing for the day while she was gettin' her Pink on. Seemed simple enough an explanation then, but now? Was it just covering up a separation for the sake of keeping face in front of the press? 'Cause if these two aren't famous for being together, what are they famous for?

    Elsewhere supposedly in splitsville are Fergie and her fine fiancé, Josh Duhamel, a pretty pair our source said is "on the outs." Not a total surprise—and not 'cause we don't think these two lovebirds were the real thing. It's just so often that T-town engagements end in anything but marriage. Josh's rep said "it's false," but we'll believe it when we see the wedding photo spread in People.

    Additionally, Minnillo and Lachey are just fine, a source close to the couple assured us: "These rumors surface every few weeks," the couple's chum said. "They're just not true. They're happy and living together."

    But...the Awful Truth has also learned that the pair avoided Emmy madness last night just to spend time together. Lachey flew back into Hell-Ay from a sporting event last night, and the two skipped the awards party scene to be with one another. So, we hear. Hmmm.

    Reps for the pair have been contacted for comment.

    —Additional sass by Becky Bain, Matt Donnelly and Whitney English