Demi Moore

Helena Rubenstein; Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Before you get defensive, we're happy to see Demi Moore back to work, and she is beautiful. We know that, you know that, everybody knows that, and that's why we ask this question.

The star's latest ads for Helena Rubinstein's 2012 campaign have been released, and all we can focus our attention on is the massive amount of Photoshopping going on.

Let's see, there's absolutely no wrinkles or facial lines whatsoever, her nose and chin seem a different shape and suddenly, her tan has vanished. Yes, people always notice these things.

We understand that all ads and widely distributed photos get some retouching done, it's part of the biz, but it's freakin' Demi Moore. How much do you really have to fix?

Sure, her recent situation with ex Ashton Kutcher and barely getting out of rehab might have added a few stress lines to her face, and to that, we say fine—erase those on the computer.

However, changing almost everything? Not necessary.

Do you think Demi Moore's ads were too Photoshopped? Weigh in on the comments!

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