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    The Voice's Coolest Cat: Where Did Cee Lo Get His Purrfect Accessory?

    Cee Lo Green, The Voice Lewis Jacobs/NBC

    Surely you've noticed while enjoying The Voice this season that CeeLo Green rarely goes anywhere alone.

    That "Crazy" dude's got a cat!

    But just where did that cuddly ball of white fur resting under Dr. Evil, no…Dr. Claw, um, wait…Blofield, hang on…Cee Lo's arm come from?

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    "Purrfect is a rented cat that happens to be a rescue," a source tells E! News.

    "It was Cee Lo's idea to have a cat this season; however, due to his travel schedule, he is not able to care for an animal full-time. Cee Lo liked the idea of working with a rescue as he loves animals."

    Also, we're told, Purrfect, who lives with Benay Karp, owner of Benay's Bird & Animal Rental, "tweets from her iPawd" and has a Facebook page.

    Among the feline's interests: "Fish, diamonds, cashmere," and she lists her location as "@ceelogreen's lap."

    Good grief, that's cute!

    NBC had no comment as to what Purrfect's per diem is, but one report pegged it at $350 a day, including $45 an hour for her trainers. The money goes toward her long-term care and maintaining her lifestyle once she has retired from showbiz.

    —Reporting by Sharareh Drury

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