Lauren Conrad, DJ AM

Albert R Rodriguez/Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images

No matter where you turned in Hollywood yesterday, talk turned to the tragic plane crash that left four dead and Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein and Travis Barker in critical but stable condition at a Georgia burn center.

We caught up with some of their celeb friends and fans at last night's Entertainment Weekly pre-Emmy party at the historic Beverly Hills Post Office. Here's what they had to say:

  • Jamie Kennedy "You know, it's crazy because I've been trying to call Travis because he was on my show Blowin’ Up and I've known him for a long time. And I just hope to God—and I pray—that they're okay and they get through it...My heart goes out to the four victims' family for sure, and I do hope that DJ and Travis do pull through. And they are gonna pull through."
  • David Spade "Sometimes you wind up in those little planes, and there's always a point where you feel like something might go wrong...It just scares me, I feel for them, and it makes me rethink everything...Everyday that you live is a good one. I hope they'll pull out of it all right. I think everyone's pulling for them."
  • Kathy Griffin: "That is a terrifying, terrifying experience to go through, and thank God two of the guys survived, but, oh man. It's a scary, scary thing for everyone to go through."
  • Lauren Conrad "My prayers are with them. It's so scary...I just think it's a wake-up call. A lot of people take those planes, and you kind of get comfortable and you kind of forget, but it's really scary."

—Additional reporting by Dahvi Shira

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