Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Stewart

Murray Close / Lionsgate ; Kimberley French/Summit Entertainment

Dear Ted:
I thought it was very cool of Jennifer Lawrence to reach out to Kristen Stewart over their supposed "feud" even though they had never even met. I was glad to see that Kristen understood and responded saying, "Welcome to the world where everything you say gets turned into [something it's not]." So I think that since they are cool with everything, why can't the rest of us be? Love to your pups!

Dear Friendly Competition:
I agree, J—well, kinda. I've always said there are no bad feelings between J.Law and K.Stew (even when readers tried to stir the pot by spreading rumors about Jen and Robert Pattinson). That said, I don't think there's anything wrong with a little friendly competition between their franchises. Can we all just agree that the Access Hollywood interview where Jen talked K.Stew just makes J.L. seem even more adorable (who knew that was possible)?!

Dear Ted:
Am I the only one who noticed that Jessica Biel's engagement ring she showed off outside the restaurant was different from the one she gladly showed off at the Lakers game? How many engagement rings does she have? I think zero!

Dear Bling-B-Gone:
That's an interesting conspiracy theory, Nat, but it doesn't quite hold up. From what my peepers can see, the two rings are one in the same (and trust me, I looked ‘cause I am not a fan of that honking diamond). I think it's time to come to terms with the fact that J.T. + J.B. is far.

Dear Ted:
Why is it that when Jennifer Aniston has a flop a big deal is made of it? When Reese Witherspoon has a flop no one criticizes her and says her career is over. Reese is not always a box office draw. Why is Jen always singled out and Reese gets a pass?

Dear Haters United:
Jen gets harsher feedback on everything, whether it be her flicks (which generally do well enough) or her love life (which, to the public, is never good enough). She's polarizing—she gets more love but also a lot more flack. She can handle it though, don't worry.

Dear Ted:
Haven't seen or heard about Kirsten Dunst and Garrett Hedlund since all the PDA for her Sundance film. Was their relaysh a PR stunt? Real and broke up? Or now on the down-low?

Dear Team Dunlund:
It's not like the two were exactly breaking heat meters at Sundance. And while their newfound PDA did draw a bit of attention, it would have been considered a PR dud. Anyway, the couple has made appearances since then; they both just are playing it low-key for now.

Dear Ted:
I was watching Twilight on TV and thought how ungrateful Summit was with Catherine Hardwicke. She handpicked the perfect cast. When I saw Breaking Dawn Part 1, I really liked it but on second look there was something missing. What are your thoughts?

Dear Totally Agree:
Well, about Cathy at least. Especially since she had one of the better vamp installments (eons better than its successor, New Moon) and she was one of the directors with the best grasp on the material. But I think Bill Condon made the best Twilight flick to date, so can't join your protest on the second part.

Dear Ted:
My rescue cats and I are huge fans of The Hunger Games and can't wait for it to come out. However, we can't stop thinking about the next movie and who will play Finnick Odair. We think Taylor Kitsch would be a fantastic choice. Agree?

Dear OMG:
I was literally just saying that I think the Friday Night Lights alum would be parfait. Great minds, huh?! But more on Finnick next week, K?

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