Russell Brand

Jackson Lee / Splash News

Russell Brand is giving a whole new meanting to "reach out and touch"—to the chagrin of a paparazzo and his iPhone.

New Orleans police confirm to E! News that officers are seeking to question tracking down Katy Perry's ex after he allegedly grabbed a shutterbug's cell phone Monday night and flung it into a building.

The photographer, Timothy Jackson, has filed a police complaint against Brand. According to his account, Jackson was tailing the British funnyman when he approached Jackson's car, wrestled away his iPhone and heaved it through the window of nearby law firm, shattering the glass.

The Splash News agency has a series of photographs of the incident, showing Brand snatching the phone and the apparent aftermath of broken glass at the offices of Deutsch, Kerrigan and Stiles.

New Orleans Police continue to investigate the Case of the Phone Flinging, but no charges have been filed and there's no warrant out for Brand. Heck, the NOPD is still trying to ring him up.

"We have had several attempts to get in contact with Russell Brand, all which were unsuccessful," a department spokesman tells E! News. There has been no immediate comment from Brand.

The actor has been out and about in the Big Easy, where he is shooting Diablo Cody's untitled directorial debut with costars Julianne Hough and Octavia Spencer.

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