Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt

Jackson Lee / Splash News

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It's been said that many dogs start to look like their owners. This adage seems to be true as well for Oscar-nominated Moneyball actor Brad Pitt, and his beloved baby mama, Angelina Jolie, as the pair was spotted out in New Orleans dressed alike and sporting matching hairdos.

The Inglourious Basterd has a long history of morphing into a doppelganger of his significant other. From bleached and choppy with Gwyneth Paltrow, to sandy and sassy with Jennifer Aniston, to his latest blown-out silky locks (and exposed, yet disappointing cleavage)—Pitt is once again looking more like his lady keeper every day.

Of course we can't ignore the fact that...

Brad is a beautiful specimen. He's even a great actor. The problem is that he changes his look more often than Miss J. Alexander on America's Next Top Model.

It's just so hard to keep up: he's blond, he's brunet; he's grungy, he's clean-cut; he's buff, he's boney. We wish he would take a page from pal George Clooney, and just be the naturally handsome man that he is.

George, can you have a chat with your bud?

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