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    Hunger Games Sneak Peek: Peeta Reveals "Crush" on Katniss!

    Let the Hunger Games madness begin!

    Not only is the world premiere of the flick happening here in L.A. tonight—where, of course, our lucky contest winner will get to see the whole movie before the masses—but everyone gets to watch Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) let slip a certain secret on live!

    Ready to swoon, ladies and gents?!

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    In the clip, a very dapper Peeta is interviewed before the games commence by a blue-haired and very bubbly Caesar Flickerman (Stanley Tucci). And while we know the Capitol is evil and all, we gotta say: They definitely know how to dress to impress!

    But flaming tuxes aside, the real juiciness is—of course—Peeta declaring his love for Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence).

    And why wouldn't he?! Not only is she a total badass with a bow, a great big sis and doesn't take ‘tude from anyone, she's insanely gorgeous. Shall we all gush together over that quick look at J.Law in her eveningwear? We shall!

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    And while we know some of you are conflicted over the Peeta vs. Gale (Liam Hemsworth) debate—heck, even Jennifer has said she "flip-flopped" over which hottie she preferred—we think we can all agree this is a point for Team Peeta?

    For more Hunger Games action, come back to E! Online tonight, when we'll be livestreaming all the action from the Hunger Games premiere.

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