Revenge is a dish best served...jaw-dropping!

And after prying secrets out of the entire cast and creator Mike Kelley at today's PaleyFest, we can tell you that the series—which we would argue is just about the best thing airing on TV right now—is about to leave your jaw unhinged.

Get ready for a wedding (for Emily?!), a deal-breaker in the love triangle (Jack or Daniel, what have you done?!), a sibling(-ish) surprise and, oh, no, it can't be, but yes, there is talk of...a death in the season finale that is "more major" than the one we just went through...

A Big Death Is Coming! The cast reveals there will be a death in the season finale that is "major," "huge," and "even kind of more than the one before."  "It's a big finale," creator Mike Kelley explains. "There are going to be a number of characters in jeopardy and we will definitely have somebody not make it through." Dun dun dun. And to make matters worse? Sounds like it may be a fan favorite: "Normally you kill off characters you don't like, but in this case, unfortunately, the nicest people are the ones that you kill off." Ashley Madekwe (Ashley) and Nick Wechsler (Jack) both heard the news from me and quipped, "I hope it's not me!" 

Emily Will Change Her Mind About Jack or Daniel… "Almost Permanently!"  Get ready for major love-triangle drama for Jack, Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Daniel (Joshua Bowman)! Now that Daniel is behind bars for Tyler's murder and Jack's hoodie is covered in his blood, Mike Kelley teases "Takeda's right. [Emily] can't protect both of them. So only one of them is going to make it through." And Emily Van Camp drops this bomb: "Something happens in a few episodes that really changes Emily's mind. Her mind is changed almost permanently I would imagine, rom a decision that is made by one of these characters…I think the audience might change their minds a little bit as well." (??!!)

Wechsler (Jack) insists, "I don't actually know which one she picks. But I think ["Team Jack"] is what we would all say, unless we are just like, following our boners, and we're like, ‘I just like [Daniel] he's so cute.' The show is designed to make us want her to choose Jack."

And Kelley teases how Emily will choose: "We'll have a marathon dance/kiss-off and whoever dances and kisses the longest and the best will win her heart!" Yes, he is joking, but we so want to see that anyway. Maybe on the season-one DVD?

There Will Be a Wedding at the Start of Season Two: Kelley confirms his plan for season two is to start off with a wedding. And though he originally told us it would be Emily's wedding, he now tells me, "I'm not gonna say anything more than a wedding… The idea is to do something to keep with what was working in the first season, which is starting by showing the audience a glimpse of a big event that's coming down the road. So we're going to keep with that tradition." Josh Bowman (Daniel) is buying a nice suit just in case. "Maybe I'm the page boy for Emily and Jack?" he muses. "No, I'd rather be the groom!"

"Emily and Nolan Are Siblings…Ish" Though some "Nemily" fans are hoping for an Emily and Nolan (Gabriel Mann) hookup, Kelley confirms to me: "They'll never kiss, sorry!" When I ask if that's because they are brother and sister, he answers: "Yeah! And no I didn't just give away some big thing. I look at them as brother and sister. Honestly, I think they have a very brother-sister relationship. I try to honor that. They both look at David Clark as their defacto father. So I think they look at each other as siblings and I'm gonna keep it that way." Still, Kelley adds that if the show stays on long enough, anything is possible: "If we get into a seventh or eighth season, we'll see."

That sure would make at least one actor jappy. "I'm a ‘Nemily' shipper, too," Gabriel tells me. "I can't seem to let go of that concept so I'm not going to."

Best Tease on the Final Episodes, Courtesy of Mr. Gabriel Mann: "It's now winter in the Hamptons. It's scary. It's The Shining. Everyone has gone away. It's just us and the lawyers and the cops and people hiding behind houses and in bushes. This is not family television. It's time to put the kiddies to bed and put your Revenge on." Done and Done.

P.S. Best line of the event? You caught that from Nick Wechsler about Daniel fans following their you-know-what's, right? Dying!

Check out all the exclusive video interviews above for much more scoop from this awesome cast, including more on the big death ahead, the wedding, whom Emily might pick,  whether Jack will find out she's the real Amanda and who appears to know they are not dying...


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