Kim Kardashian

Whoa, we weren't ready for this!

Kim Kardashian isn't exactly a stranger to strutting different hairstyles, but when the reality star posted these photos of herself looking dainty with a blond bob and then fierce with a bright red, banged look on her Instagram, we thought one thing: What's going on?

Obvs, K.K. was just wigging out.

Don't get us wrong, Kim K. is blessed to be able to pull off pretty much any style there is, but we love her long, dark tresses. It's what makes her, her. So we weren't sad to find out that E!'s reality star was just having some fun in the wig department.

"Do blondes have more fun?" she asked and then followed with, "Red head."

Now, even though these drastic hair changes aren't real, which would you prefer if you had to pick? Let us know in the comments!

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