Nikki Reed, Paul McDonald

Isaac Brekken/Wireimage

Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald's relationship has gone to the dogs. But in a really good way!

That's because the newlyweds have just adopted their second pooch.

So what does the cute canine look like?

Nikki Reed, Paul McDonald Dogs

2012 Nikki Reed/Whosay

Well, in this photo that Reed posted on her WhoSay page, the German shepherd is a dead ringer (albeit a slightly different-colored coat) for the couple's first dog, Enzo.

"The newest addition to our family!" the Twilight actress wrote along with the pic. "Enzo has waited such a long time for this!"

It's been a pretty sweet week for Reed and McDonald, a former American Idol finalist.

On Tuesday, the two celebrated another new arrival—the debut of their music video, in which Enzo has a cameo.

No doubt his sibling will make it into the next one.

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