Where do eliminated American Idol contestants go? They have to find their way home.

A night after the lady portion of the top 13 was given the no-small-task of singing Whitney Houston songs and the guys had to pull off Stevie Wonder, six hopefuls sat on the stools of agony, waiting to find out which pair of them were at the bottom of the heap and would be at the mercy of the judges once again.

And while we thought the selection process wouldn't be too suspenseful, there was a surprising bottom on of those stools...

Joshua Ledet was one of the bottom three guys! We'll just have to assume he was neglected because he went first last night, and it's hard to stay front and center in people's minds that way.

But he agonized for less than a minute, with Ryan Seacrest plucking him and Erika Van Pelt from the bummer side of the stage just seconds after telling Joshua that he was in jeopardy while Deandre Brackensick was safe.

Last-minute reprieves also went to Jermaine Jones (Ryan purposely got up close to say "safe" in the towering singer's ear) and, more surprisingly, Shannon Magrane. The teen probably got the worst feedback yesterday after losing her bearings on "I Have Nothing," but overlord Jimmy Iovine did note that the 16-year-old had a tremendous amount of talent on a good day.

"I don't know if they they got it exactly right—but, probably, I'm thinking," Randy Jackson offered helpfully when asked what he thought of the voters' bottom two.

Jennifer Lopez concluded the proceedings: "With the two that we've been presented with by America, obviously, we've come to the decision that we're going to save Elise."

Meaning, it was the sweet 'n' lovable Jeremy Rosado's turn to go home.

"This was awesome," the 19-year-old, who was overcome with emotion when the judges saved him as a wild card last week, said serenely. "Thank you guys for everything."

Do you think America got it right? How about the judges? Sound off in the comments section!

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