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    Hulk Hogan Sex Tape a Best-Seller? Adult Video Honcho Thinks It Could Be!

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    Hulk Hogan
    Hulk Hogan John Parra/WireImage.com

    Hulk Hogan is being courted.

    Adult-film purveyor Vivid Entertainment is ready for a chance to distribute a sex tape featuring the former wrestling superstar, which Hogan's attorney says was made, er, behind his client's back.

    "We understand that you believe this tape was filmed without your permission," Vivid founder Steve Hirsch wrote in a letter to Hogan, obtained Thursday by E! News. "Whatever the case, we would still like to discuss the opportunity to work together as we feel this would be one of the bestselling celebrity sex tapes of all time."

    How nice of him to say.

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    Hirsch, whose company bought a little film called 1 Night in Paris some years ago, informed the Hogan Knows Best star that they saw "teaser images of what appears to be a seemingly legitimate sex tape" and he believed there would be "a huge demand for the footage."

    But it appears that Team Hogan is going to pass.

    "While we appreciate Mr. Hirsch's thoughts, we respectfully decline to participate in any manner," attorney David R. Houston told E! News.

    "This was never a case of feigned outrage," he continued. "We truly believe the conduct of those attempting to benefit at Hulk's expense is criminal."

    Houston said yesterday, after the tape—featuring Hulk and an unidentified brunette—was leaked, that they would take "all necessary steps to enforce both civil and criminal liability."

    Sounds like Hulk is ready to take them to the mat.

    —Reporting by Marcus Mulick and Claudia Rosenbaum

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