What do you mean you didn't know Lenny Kravitz was in The Hunger Games?! (Please study this like your life depended on it. And this).

Kravitz—quite possibly one of the sexiest men in the cast—takes on the role of Cinna, the head bossman of Katniss Everdeen's (Jennifer Lawrence) style team, who is responsible for making Katniss' fashionable impression to the viewers, and potential sponsers, memorable.

And now we get to see their first meeting. Squeee!

Thanks to Yahoo!, an exclusive clip from The Hunger Games (out in theaters March 23) has been released, featuring Cinna and Katniss' first encounter before getting ready for the Tribute parade.

It's pretty sweet, and in just 44 seconds, we can tell that these two are going to be BFF (we're talking to the people who haven't read the book!).

Take a look at the clip to get the first glimpse of what turns out to be a special bond, and don't forget that we'll be livestreaming the world premiere this Monday!

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