Jerry, we hardly knew ye.

A day after confirming the dumping of Mr. Seinfeld, Microsoft has rolled out phase two of their image-resuscitating campaign with a commercial dubbed "Pride," featuring avowed PC users attempting to reassert the self-esteem they lost through years of watching Apple's "I'm a Mac" ads.

Among those trying to make Microsoft cool: Tony and Eva Longoria Parker, a much-hyped John Hodgman lookalike, a pontificating Deepak Chopra, a stage-bound Pharrell Williams and, yes, Bill Gates.

And this time around, rather than simply relying on conspicuously unbranded absurdist humor to promote itself, Microsoft is putting their ad dollars where their concept is, enlisting the masses to join the "I'm a PC" fan club.

Users are invited to submit a photo or picture of themselves saying what they are, followed by the "I'm a PC" tagline, and their image will not only join the online gallery but could appear in future advertising or on the Times Square Jumbotron.

Hey, it's cheaper than Seinfeld.

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