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It may only be a taste, but the latest Madonna song leak has definitely whet our appetite for more.

Just three weeks before the release of the pop icon's new studio album, MDNA, a snippet of one of its tracks, "I'm Addicted," is making the rounds.

So how does it sound?

Take a listen after the jump!

Well, with its strong techno beat and lyrics like "I need to dance," this is one tune that will definitely be getting some serious play at the clubs.

Meanwhile, another new song by Madge is also making headlines, but for a much different reason.

There are rumors running rampant that "I Don't Give A," also from the singer's upcoming disc, is actually a dig at ex-husband Guy Ritchie.

According to the New York Post, the tune includes such lyrics as: "I tried to be a good girl/I tried to be your wife/Diminished myself/And I swallowed my light/I tried to become all/That you expect of me/And if it was a failure/I don't give a [bleep]."

Guess we'll just have to wait to hear the whole thing when MDNA drops on March 27 to see if there's any more clues to such speculation.

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